Criminal Defense

For many people, being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful and difficult experience. With the power of the state and its many resources against you, you may be worried and uncertain about what could happen with your case. At Wosnik Law, we seek to minimize that stress by offering strong and compassionate representation. Whether you have been charged with a traffic ticket or a serious felony, we seek to represent your interests well and protect your rights to the fullest.

With a record of success in the courtroom, we are not afraid to take your case to trial in an effort to get you the best result possible.

We know that it is important that you understand the process, that you have your questions answered, and that your attorney is responsive to you. At Wosnik Law, we seek to do all of those things and treat you how we would like to be treated. Call us for a free criminal case consultation.

Case Focus Areas

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“Peter J. Wosnik is the best! I hired him in such short noticed and before court even began he got my case dismissed!”

– Satisfied Client via Avvo
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“I emailed this attorney at 10:30 at night. I had a jury trial coming up. Judge would accept plea deal. Guess what? This attorney came on-board that night, called the prosecutor the next morning, and BAM! Case resolved! This attorney means business. He communicates unlike most others. He is the man! When you need criminal defense, make this your call.”

– Jeff via Avvo
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“I hired Pete to change a guilty plea to retroactive first offenders. From the very first time I met with Pete, he explained every possible outcome that could happen. Pete was very thorough . . . He kept in contact with me through the whole process, and my guilty plea was changed to retroactive first offenders. I highly recommend Pete!!”

– Satisfied Client via Avvo
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“I called Peter he was pleasant from the first call, answered my questions very honestly. Peter got my case dismissed I did not have to appear in court, without me going into details I would recommend Peter for an attorney, he is fair and reliable. I am beyond pleased!!! I can know live my life, Thank you Peter!!”

– SS via Avvo

Criminal Case Results

Felony Theft – Reduced

Presented witness testimony to prosecutor to help reduce a felony theft by taking to misdemeanor theft by taking in Newton County. Client also received First Offender Treatment and a sentence of probation with no jail time.

Second Degree Burglary – Dismissed

Worked with prosecutor to dismiss a second degree burglary charge based on a valid statute of limitations defense.

State v. S. K. – DUI Charge Diverted

Worked with city court solicitor to dismiss a first time offender’s charge of DUI in exchange for entering the pre-trial diversion program.

Trafficking Methamphetamine – Dismissed

Worked with prosecutor to get a trafficking methamphetamine charge dismissed prior to the first hearing based on lack of probable cause for the arrest warrant.

State v. A. P. – Dismissed

Negotiated with prosecutor to dismiss warrants for felony shoplifting based on lack of probable cause

Petitioner v. DFCS – name removed from CAR

Successfully defended client who was alleged to have struck her child across the face.

Petitioner v. DFCS – name removed from CAR

Successfully defended client accused of child endangerment.

State v. A. E. – dismissed

Worked with solicitor to get a disorderly conduct charge dismissed for lack of evidence.

State v. J. T. – DUI reduced to reckless driving

Negotiated with police officer and solicitor to reduce a first time DUI to reckless driving, despite the client’s blood alcohol level registering over two times the legal limit.

State v. Anonymous – not guilty (second chair)

Sat second chair on a murder case. Defendant was found not guilty of felony murder, and a mistrial was pronounced on the charges of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

State v. A.V. – nol pros

Convinced prosecutor to dismiss felony obstruction charge in indictment. Client pleaded to a misdemeanor and infraction with straight probation and no jail time.

State v. L. L. – dismissed

Client was accused of assault, criminal trespass, and battery in a pre-warrant application. After the hearing, the warrant application was dismisses, clearing client of all charges.

State v. J. D. – not guilty

Won a not guilty verdict on trafficking methamphetamine charge, despite unfavorable video evidence and testimony of an alleged co-conspirator against the Defendant.

State v. A. F. – dismissed

Convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges against the Defendant at the motion status date for charges of criminal damage to property in the second degree and family violence battery.

State v. R. S. – not guilty

Won a not guilty verdict on a felony family violence battery charge, despite the testimony of two witnesses who testified against the Defendant. In addition, a lesser criminal trespass charge was dismissed by the judge at trial through a motion for directed verdict.

State v. M. C. – dismissed

Convinced prosecutors to dismiss an aggravated assault charge at trial just prior to closing arguments to the jury. The Client was permitted to plead guilty to simple battery with 12 months probation and a fine. The Client avoided a max possible sentence of 21 years in confinement as a recidivist.

State v. M. M. – not guilty

Won not guilty verdicts on two counts of possession of drugs by an inmate, despite the contraband being located in the Defendant’s jail cell.

State v. S. D. – dismissed

Convinced the prosecutor after prevailing at a probation revocation hearing to dismiss two charges of theft by conversion.

State v. C. L. dismissed

Negotiated with prosecutors to dismiss charges of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Client plead guilty to a misdemeanor battery and received 12 months probation and a fine. He was facing more than 30 years in prison.

Counties Served

Walton, Newton, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Barrow, DeKalb, Fulton, Hall, Cobb, Cherokee, Bartow, Forsyth and more.